Phoenix Phase Initiative is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that was birthed out of a desire to help women who are trapped in the sex industry all over the world. The name Phoenix Phase comes from the idea that these women are coming from a place that feels as dark and hopeless as a pile of ashes. But those who know the story of the phoenix know that from those ashes, new life rises. A new moon is always followed by light. That is what we want to provide for these women. We want to be the spark that initiates a new life of freedom. We also know that this new life cannot be birthed in darkness. It is imperative that we provide for the immediate needs of the women so that they can then focus on restoration. To do this, we provide them with a safe place where they can not only heal, but also learn a trade so they can be self-sufficient and freed from poverty. We believe in making a difference one woman at a time.

Please visit our full website to learn more! https://phoenixphaseinitiative.org/

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